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Child Support Q & A

Below are some common questions regarding child support: 

How is child and spousal support determined? 
There is a formula created by our Legislature, which applies to each and every person in order to establish child and spousal support. It is a net income driven formula. Therefore monthly expenses are not applicable. 

Can the child support change during and after the divorce is final? 
Child support is always modifiable whether before or after the divorce is final. Support would be changed if there was a change in financial circumstances. 

Can I get child support if I never married my child’s other parent? 
Yes, you can receive child support even if you never married the child’s other parent. Marriage is not a condition to receiving child support. Only the biological parent (father/mother) is to pay support.
Can I terminate shared custody if I am not being paid the support I am owed? 
No, you cannot terminate shared custody if you are not being paid the support that you are owed. Support and custody are two different subjects and the payment of support is not a factor considered for child custody. It will have no impact at all.

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Child & Spousal Support

For divorcing couples, the amount of child and spousal support they will receive or will need to pay is a big concern. In Pennsylvania, both child and spousal support are calculated based on income, employment and other related economic factors. It can be overwhelming to most individuals in navigating through the legal guidelines, ambiguities, special circumstances and individual concerns of this issue. 

We work closely with our clients before and after the divorce is final to ensure that child support payments are fair and timely paid. This includes taking into account the special psychological and medical needs of the child and the changing circumstance of the parents. We recognize that financial situations change over time and we have significant experience handling post-divorce modifications of child support awards as well.

Spousal support or alimony pendente lite (APL) describes payments made by one spouse to another in order to preserve their lifestyle when the earning capacity of one is significantly greater than the earning capacity of the other. We work closely with our clients to understand their financial situation, their earning capacity and help to ensure their financial future is secure even after the divorce.

If you are currently involved in a divorce, and you are having a child support issue, you should speak with a skilled Pennsylvania child support attorney at Cohen & Cohen. We bring to you over 66 years of experience helping clients with their child support and divorce matters. We will do everything possible to make sure your child support case is handled in a timely and professional manner.