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Sexual Abuse

Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Q & A

Below are some common questions regarding domestic abuse and domestic violence: 

What is abuse?
Abuse includes physical, emotional and verbal abuse, harassment, stalking, and or threatening a parent or child in any place where they might be found. 

Does a parent have a legal duty to protect his/her child from abuse by another parent?
Yes, a parent has a legal duty to protect his/her child from abuse by another parent. Parents always have an obligation to care for their children so as to not suffer abuse of any kind.

What is an Order of Protection?
An Order of Protection protects the victims of abuse from the person causing the abuse normally created by a no contact order forbidding any contact between the victim and the perpetrator. Other protections are available through the order depending on the factual situation of each case.

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Spousal & Child Abuse

Fighting the crime of domestic violence starts with taking appropriate legal action to remove an abuser from a household and preventing future access to your home. In all domestic violence matters, we will do all we can to resolve legal matters as quickly and sensitively as possible. Domestic violence exists where, in any relationship, a person causes bodily injury, sexually assaults, threatens, harasses, destroys personal property, kidnaps or disturbs the peace of another. While spousal abuse is always troubling, the fact that people are falsely charged with domestic abuse is just as disturbing. If you have been accused of spousal abuse in Pennsylvania, you need to take the charge seriously and contact Cohen and Cohen to assist you in dealing with this serious matter.

We understand the stress and worry clients undergo when threatened with domestic violence. That's why we act immediately to help you. If you are a victim of domestic violence, we can help you obtain a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order. The PFA order may prohibit all contact except for child custody, grant exclusive possession of the marital home, order anger management counseling, drug and alcohol evaluations and reimburse for monetary damages.

Spousal and child abuse deserves a quick and effective response before the problem worsens and the behavior grows more violent. Time is of the essence when seeking a Protection form Abuse order, so contact us immediately to discuss this serious matter.