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While divorce can tear a family apart, adoption can bring a family together by adding a new member. Cohen & Cohen has helped many parents navigate the complexities of adoption law to help their dreams come true.

Typically, the first step to adopting a child is to determine whether you meet detailed adoption criteria. We will assist you throughout the background checks and application process. If the adoption involves a surrogate mother who desires to place her child up for adoption, we must first ascertain if the birth father is going to consent to the arrangement and whether he desires any level of participation in the life of the child. The final step will be a hearing, where Cohen & Cohen will serve as your advocate. If we are dealing with a contested adoption because the birth father refuses to consent to the termination of his parental rights, we will diligently represent you in your right to adopt the child.

The complexities of adoption laws can be daunting and discouraging. Being proactive and efficient has helped us unite children with loving parents through infant adoptions, agency adoptions and step-parent adoptions. In addition, we can assist parents to secure the necessary state and federal subsidies when adopting children with special needs.

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